Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Antonelli's Pond and Elkhorn Slough.

More birding today.  It is actually much more difficult than I thought it would be to identify birds.  This morning Ryan and I turned an impromptu visit to Antonelli's Pond into a bird watching/frisbee tournament.  I was able to identify a black phoebe,  and a coot (there were quite a few).  There was also an egret but I was unable to tell if it was a great or a snowy without binoculars.

In the afternoon I drove myself to Elkhorn Slough, and after writing a check for $2.50 and dousing the souls of my shoes in anti-sudden-oak-death-liquid, walked some trails to find some birds.  This was where I began to full realize how limited my bird identification skills (as well as my $20 binoculars) were.

Although I saw tons of birds, I was only able to identify a few:

Scrub Jay
(saw some more Buffleheads)
Great Ergret
House Finch
Red Winged Blackbird (female)
Brown Pelican

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John said...

This is great -- I really like the layout, the pictures, and the text. Dad